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      With over 50 years in the industry it's no surprise that we have developed a strong support base of court reporters and videographers throughout the world. On average, DFW reporters have over 20 years of industry experience in every conceivable type of multifaceted litigation at every level of complexity. We take pride in their level of skill and the quality of their work product.

      In addition, we have lots of real-time reporters on staff capable of very clean writing to ensure a high level of quality on your realtime depositions and your rough/dirty ASCIIs at the end of the deposition.


      Get more out of each witness testimony! Our videographers are highly trained professionals and only use the most state-of-the-art equipment. Having a video record conveys information in a way that the printed page just can't match. Video adds the human element to your argument and an informed viewing of deposition video may be the difference between winning and losing.

      Advantages of using video
      • Make arguments more compelling by capturing the witnesses facial expressions, body language, and demeanor.
      • The power of audiovisuals is unrivaled when trying to convey facts, tell a story or convince a jury. The use of video creates a lasting impression in the minds of judges, arbitrators and jurors.
      • Behavioral psychology suggests that every action an individual takes is a form of communication, even silence (Watzlawick, 1977). Body language such as gestures, eye contact, posture and even proximity to the questioner is an integral part of communication and is wholly ignored when using text alone. Even the slightest expression or gesture may reveal volumes.
      Our video services include
      • Depositions
      • Day in the life
      • Mock Trials
      • Site inspections

      We are commonly asked to provide an interpreter along with the court reporter. We can provide interpreters in over 140 languages for depositions, trials, medical exams, conferences and meetings. Let us help you by accessing our worldwide network of translators!

      Our interpreters are
      • Reputable
      • Professional
      • Knowledgeable of legal terms
      • Court, State & Federally qualified

      We can arrange conference rooms for you anywhere in the world. See a list of our nationwide coverage HERE.


      Our infrastructure has been designed to match the service needs of the highest levels of complex commercial litigation. A case management team is assigned to each matter we handle, and is led by a case manager who is experienced in overseeing every aspect of the deposition process.We provide the depth of service and personalized attention you would expect from a premier court reporting service, whether single-city, multi-region or worldwide.