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    Moosebuckaroo of January

    Congrats to Williams in IT/Production for winning “Moosebuckaroo” for January 2017! 

    The DFW Moosebuckaroo is a 3-foot tall trophy that lives for an entire month with the top earner of Moosebucks on, from the previous month.  While the trophy does not stay with the winner forever, eternal glory lasts a lifetime.


    To start, our mission is “to create ‘the write experience’ by making DFW the best court reporting company to work for in the world, resulting in a highly engaged team that consistently delivers an extraordinary experience to our clients.”

    One of the ways we work to create an engaged and inspired environment for our team is through, an online peer-to-peer recognition program created to help companies reward and motivate employees through the exchange of micro-bonuses.  Because DFW is a “remote-friendly” company and consistently operates at a fast-paced, high-volume rate, we wanted to make sure that ALL great efforts by our employees were not going unnoticed.

    Enter  With, our team members are now empowered to recognize each other with frequent, timely bonuses, or “moosebucks.”

    Each time one of our team members goes above-and-beyond in living any one (or all) of DFW’s 5 core Values, fellow co-workers have the opportunity to recognize them –in a public place– so the entire company can see the excellent efforts happening around us.

    In the month of January, Williams was the top earner of Moosebucks, for an amazing job contributing to DFW’s culture.

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