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  • Team Member Tuesday – Brett Goodman
    Team Member Tuesday – Brett Goodman

    This week’s Team Member Tuesday is Brett Goodman in Sales!

    We asked Brett some random questions.  Here are his answers:

    A few things first:

    I grew up in a pretty small town near the Canadian border. There were around 12 kids in my class between Kindergarten and 8th grade. I started my first business when I was 11, designing logos for companies on a homemade computer with a Windows 2.1 operating system. I won a national essay writing contest in 11th grade. I tried out as a pitcher for the Atlanta Braves when I was 17 and I didn’t get a callback. I worked summers through college in a few resort town restaurants working from a dishwasher to sous chef, and am trained in classic French cuisine. I’m very lucky to be married to my beautiful wife Synthia. I have two children, a girl Amaya, and a boy Hunter who are 15 and 16. I own a Land Rover parts and restoration business, and I’m a certified strength coach. I currently hold 9 NY state powerlifting records, 1 world record, and am currently ranked 23 in the country for my age and weight class. I also have a bunch of tattoos.

    Where are you from?:

    Carthage, New York

    Where do you live now?:

    Chaumont, New York

    Do you have pets?:

    English Mastiff – Earl, Bull Mastiff – Ronnie, Chocolate Lab – Tyler, 1 fat orange cat – Hank, 1 skinny orange cat – Deana, and 2 fish that don’t have names.

    iPhone or Android: iPhone
    Wine or beer?:

    Why not both?

    What is the BEST THING EVER?:

    Being outside on a warm, sunny afternoon with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

    What is the worst thing ever?:

    Sick or hurt kids and animals.

    Cake or pie?: Cake
    Favorite color?: Red
    Place you want to visit?:

    The Mid-Atlantic Ridge in Iceland

    Fave movie?:

    Vision Quest

    Fave TV show?:

    Law and Order SVU

    How excited are you about life right now?:

    Super excited! Lot’s of good stuff happening both at work and at home!

    What’s your favorite DFW Core Value?: RESPONSIBILITY
    Facebook or Instagram? Or…Snapchat or Twitter?: Instagram and Twitter
    Fave restaurant?:

    Noodlecat in Cleveland, OH

    Fave food?:

    Scalloped Potatoes and Ham.

    Least fave food?:

    I’ll literally eat anything, so this isn’t a fair question.

    If your life were a song, what would the title be?:

    If You Want Blood (You Got It)

    Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?:

    This molecular gastronomy thing that was made from liver, beets and plums. It looked like a shower loofa, but it tasted amazing.

    Fave celebrity?:

    I don’t really have one. Celebrity is overrated.

    Fave drink?:

    Vodka Soda and Lime

    Fave thing in your house?:

    My Kitchen

    Best part of your job?:

    All the people I get to talk to.

    If you could master one instrument, what would it be?:

    The Piano

    Fave band?:

    David Lee Roth era Van Halen

    What’s your spirit animal?: Bear
    How do you like your coffee?: Black
    Dark or milk chocolate?: Milk
    Favorite swear word?: F%^&
    If you had one super power, what would it be?: Invincibility
    What was your favorite subject in school?: English
    When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?: A professional skateboarder
    Plan it or wing it?: Wing it
    Blonde, brunette or redhead?: Brunette
    If you were a box of cereal, which one would you be?: Rice Krispies
    If you were a star wars character, which one would you be?: Chewbacca
    Chicken or steak – or tofu?: Steak
    What’s the most important part of a sandwich?: The meat and the bread. Otherwise it’s just meat or bread.  You need both to make a sandwhich
    What’s your sign?: Leo
    Is there a question you want to answer? No, I am not bald by choice