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  • DFW is an elite partner and provider of Opus 2 Magnumtm

    Winner of ILTA's 'Innovative Solution Provider of the Year Award,' Opus 2 MagnumTM presents the master set of litigation content, including the transcripts, synchronized video, documents and research, in a dynamic workspace where authorized team members analyze the evidence, form and align their strategies, and prepare for depositions, hearings and trials.

    opus 2 MagnumTM highlights

    Anytime, anywhere access

    Opus 2 MagnumTM enables anytime, anywhere access to evidence, testimony and supporting documentation and helps geographically-dispersed teams eliminate firewall issues that obstruct collaboration.

    dynamic Collaboration

    Build upon one another's insights in real-time, yielding optimal legal representation for clients, share work product with team member in one click and alert them to urgent discoveries.

    Annotote any content

    Opus 2 MagnumTM enables the entire team to benefit from the collective insight by keeping work product with the actual documents and transcripts.

    Easy, dynamic reports

    Opus 2 MagnumTM enables users to "slice and dice " all of the work product across all content in the workspace, including documents, transcripts and video, straight forward filtering and sorting tools yield simple custom reports.

    Play and Clip Video

    Review video that has been synced to transcript. Every transcript annotation and designation automatically creates a video clip of the segment. This allows for more complete review and streamlines the trial preparation process.

    Designate testimony

    Save time and reduce hassles with our purpose- built tool to create, import, export, and report on defense and plaintiff designations. When video is available, Opus 2 MagnumTM automatically creates a video clip of designated testimony and calculates the elapsed time.

    Organize evidence

    Create virtual binders of witnesses, issue, or trial exhibits and tag documents by theme, cost of characters or timeline.

    Create hyperlinks between related content

    Team members create hyperlinks between documents and transcripts (or portions of documents and transcripts) to memorialize the connections they have discovered. Fellow members of the workspace can review those relationships at any time and derive the most pivotal evidence.

    Safeguard the heart of your case

    Instead of storing one-off copies of documents locally or sharing strategies via email, Opus 2 MagnumTM centralizes the materials and thoughts that comprise the backbone of your legal argument. Workspaces are wrapped in state of the art security featuring ISO:27001 certification and SSAE 16 accreditation.

    Not to be confused with extranets, file shares or e-rooms, the Opus 2 MagnumTM service includes advanced, litigation-specific tools that mirror how attorneys actually work on hardcopy. A single toolbox enables lawyers and co-counsel to apply tags, notes, designations and hyperlinks, and to share their work product with collaborators. Team members gain secure anytime, anywhere access to the content and collective insights through their modern connected device.

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    Identify the pivotal documents

    Opus 2 MagnumTM is not a repository or review platform. It is a dynamic workspace in which key documents are stored alongside testimony, facts and work product. A collection of ingenious purpose-built tools enable case teams to organize exhibits, establish connections among related evidence, and reveal which documents will be most pivotal for depositions, motions for summary judgment and trial.

    Transcript management for the modern law firm

    Opus 2 MagnumTM includes all of the traditional transcript management features you would expect, such as margin notes, tags, exhibit links, hyperlinked indexes, synced video and realtime testimony, as well as a variety of cutting-edge tools for the modern law firm. Our clients can easily share transcript work product with team members; create, edit, import and export transcript designations; and they can compare how multiple witnesses testified to the same evidence.

    Organize facts alongside transcripts and documents

    Opus 2 MagnumTM is the only case analysis tool that enables team members to manage facts, transcripts, documents and work product from within the same simple interface. Magnum users can add facts directly to the shared log or they can send document excerpts to the fact log on-the-fly. At any time, team members can add detail and tags to the chronology and add links to supporting documents.

    The anytime anywhere workspace to share notes

    Opus 2 MagnumTM workspaces include a simple tool to add color-coded tags, links to related content, and notes to the margins of electronic documents. Choose which of those annotations to share with other members of the case team, either individuals or sub-groups such as "co-counsel" or "paralegals." Those with whom the note has been shared can reply with their own insights -- forever preserving the team dialog with the actual files being discussed.